She’s my Bonus Mom…

We are having our first house guest tomorrow! Ann, my bonus mom, is coming to Dallas to visit for the weekend! Technically, she is my step-mom, but I like bonus mom better.

I’m in cleaning and fall decorating mode to prepare for her visit. Gabi is doing a great job supervising me as I clean.

So happy to have family time this week! If I miss one thing about Indiana, it has to be having family around to do things together.

We are going to shop in Grapevine, watch the Cardinals games, have brunch at Blue Mesa and possibly checkout the Texas State Fair.

Now…I have to get back to folding towels and thinking up some tasty dishes to serve!  Hope you are having a great week!

I may make her my new favorite Cilantro + Lime White Chicken Chili with jalapeño cornbread…YUM!



Celebrating birthdays across many miles…


Happy birthday, Mom!

We celebrated my mom’s birthday today! Even though she lives in Indiana (1400 miles away), Mr. Cooper and I wanted to send some birthday wishes, smiles and giggles. It wasn’t possible for me to fly home to spend the day with her. Instead, we did a few of her favorite things.

1. Eat tacos for birthday dinner. Check.


2. Send a silly birthday greeting. Check.





3. Indulge in a homemade cake made by her beautiful and creative daughter. Check. 🙂


4. Sing her Happy birthday and tell her I love her…priceless. Thank goodness for FaceTime! I love you, Mom!