No more tears, gluten. You get no more tears!

Day 5. Sparing you, dear reader, of my day-to-day play-by-play, I have stayed true to eating gluten-free since day one.

I’ve come to the realization that gluten and I have been fighting a war within me for at least half my life. Until five days ago, gluten was winning.

I have had so much more energy this weekend! I finished the laundry, made the bed, dusted the house, vacuumed, cleaned up the balcony…pain free. I swear I have felt like an eighty-year-old woman for the last six months and all this housework would have taken a week with lots of crochet breaks.

This made me realize that when I was successful at losing weight and going to the gym EVERY DAY (yes, I was a gym rat!) I was eating clean and gluten-free but not intentionally. My diet was very natural with very little processed foods. I didn’t have a carb free diet because I ate potatoes, sweet potatoes and milk. What was missing was the breads, pastas and pizza crusts.

My mistake in maintaining my weight loss was that I tried to eat like a normal person after hitting my goal. My cheat meals consisted of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on wheat bread or ordering a slice of thick crust pizza.

When I gain weight, it is fast and furious. It doesn’t take much for me blow up like a balloon.  Going to  the gym while eating lots of gluten is so painful. I even had a personal trainer for eight months before our wedding! I lift. I lift heavy. I’m not afraid of the gym. Seeing no results in my weight loss killed my motivation.  My joints hurt every day and it didn’t feel like it was worth the pain to continue with no weight loss results.

My condition makes so much more sense to me.  Gluten is not going to win anymore. Once my health is restored…I will be back in the gym! I will find balance again.

No more tears, gluten. You get not more tears.


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