Aunt Nana’s Crochet: Indianapolis Colts Inspired hat

Go Colts-HatMy dad would’ve loved this Indianapolis Colt’s hat. He was a tried and true blue Colts fan. Admittedly, I have not really watched the Colts religiously since they won the Super Bowl in 2007.  My nephew, Sean was just a baby then, and living with me at the time with his mother. As a family, we watched the Colts games and cheered them on in our blue!

So, I made Sean a Colt’s hat. I’ll make Barry one, too. It just seems to have a little more meaning for me. I know my dad would have loved this hat! Go Colts!

Go COlts Hat vertical


GO COLTS! Horseshoe Crochet for your pumpkin :)

Indianapolis Colts pumpkinIt’s game day for the Indianapolis Colts! I searched the web for a crochet horseshoe for a Colt’s emblem and found a video pattern. I found this free You Tube Video tutorial for How to Crochet a Horseshoe by Sabrina at Havoc Mayhem Creations.

I crocheted a Colts hat for my nephew, and it really needed a horseshoe! This is an extra large pumpkin, and chaining 40 makes one  giant horseshoe! Luckily, you can crochet this embellishment really quick. I couldn’t waste the effort, so I used some pins and attached it to a pumpkin. 🙂

Stay tuned for my Aunt Nana’s Crochet Go Colts hat!

Being a long distance auntie

LDA: Long Distance Auntie

I haven’t hugged or kissed my nephews in four months. This is the longest period of time I have been away from them. Big deal, I am not their mom…right?


It is not easy being a long distance aunt. It’s not so much that I am homesick for “home,” but I miss my family.

This is a HUGE transition. I was a spoiled auntie in Indiana. I had all the child-sized hugs, kisses, giggles, and snuggles a girl could want, and I never took it for granted.  Mr. Cooper and I both miss having our family time with Sean and Barry. We FaceTime once a week (more if we can), but that is it.

I can’t wait for them to visit Texas. We will have a Texas sized adventure!

So please hang in there with me blog world. I may craft a little too many crochet projects, sew a few superhero capes and write about two little boys that I miss with all my heart.


Aunt Nana’s Crochet: Pink baby blanket and hat for Baby Girl Cline

One of my friends back home in Indiana is about to have a baby girl any day now! I hurried this last week to finish a baby blanket for her so that it would make it to Indiana for her big debut.

babygirlblanketI was so inspired by the pink yarn, I had to make a matching hat!


I sent along a baby taggie as well.  I know that I am not this baby’s aunt, but I wish Stephanie and baby girl Cline all the best.


Wedding Rewind: Indulge me

My nephew, Sean Pierson, proudly sported his RING SECURITY shirt. His little brother took a nap. :)

My nephew, Sean Pierson, proudly sported his RING SECURITY shirt. His little brother took a nap. 🙂

Wedding Rewind: Ring bearers

Indulge me in a series of posts about our June 2013 wedding. Let me show you how fellow bloggers, photographers and writers pinned on my Pinterest boards enhanced many DIY projects and ideas for our day. Stay tuned for more!

Welcome to Pink Peonies and Pearls!

.ImageMy grandma Barbara loved peonies. My love for this delicate flower started at a very early age. I lived in Indiana (peonies are the state flower) most of my life.  My grandma’s peony bush couldn’t go to Texas with me, trust me, it would have been on the truck.

Why pearls? Who doesn’t like pearls?

This blog is to share my love of beautiful, delicate things in my world. My midwestern mindset is definitely different from the Texas-sized personalities in the south.

Grandma Barbara is one of my favorite relatives.  She would approve of this blog. 🙂

 peony with our wedding rings