Halloween masks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Style

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mask

Aunt Nana strikes again with her crochet!  Halloween is right around the corner, and I have to get these TMNT masks in the mail!

For Christmas last year, we gave our nephews several Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle themed presents. When I found a video tutorial on Ninja style masks in adult and child sizes,  I had to make them for my nephews for Halloween!

They love imaginative play, so I made one in red, blue, purple and orange in adult and child sizes. Over the top? Nah. Cowabunga dude!


Aunt Nana’s Crochet: Amigurumi ON THE GO book review

Messenger Bag

I finally finished an entire project using a written crochet pattern. Admittedly, it is a simple pattern. I found this book at the Dallas Public Library this week called Amigurumi On the Go by Ana Paula Rimoli. I absolutely had to try to make the adorable messenger bag on the front cover!


The patterns in the book are for toddler and child size projects. I had every intention of making Barry (my two-year-old nephew) the Bear Bag in Blue from page 46 in the book. However, as soon as I realized how I could personalize this bag without adding the crochet bear appliqué,  I wanted to make one for Sean, too. Sean is seven. He is a very small (BUT MIGHTY) seven-year-old. It is perfect for his size right now.

I don’t expect the boys to keep the bags in perfect shape, but would hope they have use for awhile. This crochet pattern makes for a durable messenger bag that could hold crayons, coloring books and a few tiny toys. It is not made for a heavy duty trip to the public library, but could carry a few small books.


It has and inside and outside pocket. I used a gray and brown yarn instead of one single color.

outsidepocketThis book has 30 different patterns for kids crochet gifts. With Christmas two months away, I will have my hands full of a few more projects from this book! It’s going to be a Cooper Crochet Christmas. 🙂


Aunt Nana’s Crochet: Little Prince and Princess crowns

pink crochet crown

I love novelty boutique shops! On Monday while I was walking around Willow Bend shopping mall, I stopped into a little store called Paper Crane. It is mainly a stationary store, but there are gifts available for purchase by occasion.  My maternal heart skipped a beat when I saw crochet crowns for babies. They were priced around $17 a piece, but I did not buy one. I knew I could make several for the cost of one.


With the help of Clare at www.bobwilson123.org, I crocheted a crown for my new nephew and his soon-to-be big sister.  This project takes very little yarn, knowledge of 3 stitches and about 15 to 30 minutes of your time (depends on the size). Clare’s video on You Tube teaches this beauty at a very nice pace. By the second crown, I had the pattern down pat and didn’t need to watch.

These would make excellent newborn and toddler photo props.  I can’t wait to see Jenny & Mike’s little prince and princess in a photo with these!

Little Brother and Big Sister crowns

Aunt Nana’s Crochet: Big Brother + Little Brother Mohawk Madness

Big brother + little brother hats for my nephews



With windy fall weather approaching in Indiana, a set of handmade hats for my nephews seemed to be the perfect gift. Now that I have the hang of crocheting, it really doesn’t take long to make them! I encourage anyone desiring to learn to crochet to watch tutorials on You Tube.  Even my grandmother, who was an expert level crocheter, could not teach me to crotchet. It was frustrating! With video tutorials, I can rewind and pause the videos to learn at my own pace.

Aunt Nana’s Crochet: Sock Monkey Mohawk Madness!


My oldest nephew, Sean, can’t wait to get his mohawk in the mail this week! We had a little Sean and Aunt Nana time via FaceTime this weekend, and he was so excited about this gift. Seeing him smile so BIG made my day.

It is difficult being a long distance aunt. When I lived in Indiana, Mr. Cooper and I spent many weekends with our nephews for family time. This is a huge transition for me not having them in the same town. Little gifts from the heart never hurt or spoiled anyone!  I miss them so much, and at least I have crochet to help with making awesome gifts to remind my family how special they are to me.

You can make this Mohawk Madness sock monkey beanie by following this YouTube tutorial by Sabrina at Havoc Mayhem Creations.

I’m making another one for his little brother, Barry. Barry will want a mohawk like his big brother, too. 🙂

DIY: Chevron Baby Taggie Tutorial (Part Two)

You have your two pieces of fabric pinned together? Let's get started.

You have your two pieces of fabric pinned together? Let’s get started.

After taking my first sewing class, I learned I was pinning my fabric the wrong way. Having the pin heads point outside of the fabric makes them easier to pull out.

I also added a few new tags to add some variety to the first pinning. Thats the cool thing about this…you can change your mind about ribbons and fabric until this stage.

Ok, thread your sewing machine with a matching thread. I used white.

Sew the first three sides all the way. On the forth side, stop sewing in the middle. Lock the stitch.  You need the hole so that you can turn the taggie inside out.

I cut a V shape out of each corner for smooth corners.

snip corners

Then, I turned my taggie inside out through the hole I left open. I used a chopstick to push out the corners.


Repin the open hole and tag.


Sew a topstitch around the entire square.


Voila! You will have a baby taggie that is cute for a gift basket or for your own baby at home.


Aunt Nana’s Crochet: Baby Blankets for Camden and Baby Boy Hurt

Baby Boy Crochet Blankets

Baby Crochet Blankets for Camden and Baby Boy Hurt

Baby Crochet Blankets for Camden and Baby Boy Hurt

When I heard that I was going to be an aunt to another nephew, I couldn’t wait to design a new baby boy crochet blanket for him! With it being so hot outside here in Texas, I enjoy crocheting for my loved ones and staying cool.

Baby Camden was born right before our June 2013 wedding to my husband’s cousins in St. Louis. I really didn’t have the time to dedicate to his blanket. A few months late, but as you can see… it was worth it. Camden’s blanket is a pattern called Sugar Pop from the Crochet Crowd. I designed the color patters with Bernat baby yarn, alternating rounds of blue and white. I can’t wait to send this to St. Louis and see a picture with Baby Camden!

   Baby-Crochet-Blankets-for-Camden-and-Baby-Boy-Hurt4   Baby-Crochet-Blankets-for-Baby Camden-

We will have to wait until January 2014 to see Baby Boy Hurt!  His blanket is a Sugar & Shine pattern from the Crochet Crowd. I used the same Bernat baby yarns for his blanket. I switched up the design pattern to give it a sporty look as well.


I can’t wait to meet my new nephew!  These blankets make great keepsake gifts! They are super easy to do, and the video tutorial shows you step-by-step!