Hello! I’m Mrs. Cooper :)

Best. Day. Ever. Before I became Mrs. Cooper on 6.15.13

Hello! I’m Shawna Renee Cooper. I moved to Dallas, Texas three days after marrying the love of my life in Muncie, Indiana. It’s been a whirlwind few months, but Dallas is a wonderful city. Hey, when you have to make serious changes to your life…why not do them all at once?

We are adjusting to married life in a Dallas apartment with our kitty, Gabi.  Join us on our journey!

This is our first iphone photo as husband and wife!

This is our first iphone photo as the Coopers!

I’m a journalist by trade, but I am currently looking for a new opportunity in Dallas. I’m never giving up the idea of one day being a full-time journalist or multimedia communications professional. I began my journey as a writer and editor.  In 2007, I started freelancing photography. Photography is my passion. I love creating visuals that help tell a story.  So, for now I will blog until my dream job comes around.

I worked in social work for ten years before graduate school at Ball State University. Why? If I could not have my dream job, then I wanted to use my skills to help other people. I worked with at-risk youth in a juvenile detention center for three years, advocated for abused and neglected children for five years, and managed cases for children with behavioral issues for two years. The life lessons I learned in compassion,  empathy and resilience were all worth the time spent outside of my chosen career.

I have faith that everything will all work out!

I found Gabi in a moving box.

  She loves Texas. Gabi in a moving box.

Update: I am now the Marketing and Web Coordinator for Catholic Charities of Dallas!


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