Aunt Nana’s Crochet: (WIP) Big Sister Kit

Good morning! I wanted to share an update on my WIP (work in progress) big sister kit. My gift deadline is by Halloween and I will give this gift in person! Daniel’s youngest sister is getting married and we will see the whole family again.

It’s been four months since our wedding, and I miss our family! I can’t wait to see everyone and give lots of hugs. I need an Aunt Nana fix! I love being an aunt.


pink big sister bag

bow ties are coolThe big sister kit includes a crochet blanket, baby doll burp cloths, a sock monkey hat and two crochet head hands (crown and bow tie). I’m still working on the little details.  All items are handmade crochet or sewing projects. What do you think?


Wedding REWIND: Ringer bearers


Buying tuxedos for the kiddos

Brides on a budget: Buying a little tuxedo for your ring bearers is less expensive than renting!

We opted to buy the tuxedos from Saturdays Prom and Bridal for our ring bearers. It saved our budget about $200!


A month before the wedding, I enlisted help from Mr. Cooper and my mother to accomplish this task. Barry, age two, was too cute! My nephews were very well behaved.


Our ring bearers wore a tux from Tip Top Kids. It took less than a week for the order to arrive. We purchased an additional bow tie because the suit came with a neck tie. Bow ties are cool.

My six-year-old nephew, Sean, loved his new look! How could I tell him he had to give it back? He was so excited that he could keep his new clothes. Bonus for Aunt Nana!


On our wedding day, Sean took his ring bearer responsibilities very seriously! Both boys looked dashingly handsome!

Barry wouldn’t walk down the aisle. It happens. I’m just so happy that both boys were there on our wedding day.

Here is a wedding photo of Sean taken by Lucky Heart Photography.


Wedding Rewind: Indulge me

My nephew, Sean Pierson, proudly sported his RING SECURITY shirt. His little brother took a nap. :)

My nephew, Sean Pierson, proudly sported his RING SECURITY shirt. His little brother took a nap. 🙂

Wedding Rewind: Ring bearers

Indulge me in a series of posts about our June 2013 wedding. Let me show you how fellow bloggers, photographers and writers pinned on my Pinterest boards enhanced many DIY projects and ideas for our day. Stay tuned for more!