Aunt Nana’s Crochet: (WIP) Big Sister Kit

Good morning! I wanted to share an update on my WIP (work in progress) big sister kit. My gift deadline is by Halloween and I will give this gift in person! Daniel’s youngest sister is getting married and we will see the whole family again.

It’s been four months since our wedding, and I miss our family! I can’t wait to see everyone and give lots of hugs. I need an Aunt Nana fix! I love being an aunt.


pink big sister bag

bow ties are coolThe big sister kit includes a crochet blanket, baby doll burp cloths, a sock monkey hat and two crochet head hands (crown and bow tie). I’m still working on the little details.  All items are handmade crochet or sewing projects. What do you think?


Aunt Nana’s Crochet: Little Prince and Princess crowns

pink crochet crown

I love novelty boutique shops! On Monday while I was walking around Willow Bend shopping mall, I stopped into a little store called Paper Crane. It is mainly a stationary store, but there are gifts available for purchase by occasion.  My maternal heart skipped a beat when I saw crochet crowns for babies. They were priced around $17 a piece, but I did not buy one. I knew I could make several for the cost of one.


With the help of Clare at, I crocheted a crown for my new nephew and his soon-to-be big sister.  This project takes very little yarn, knowledge of 3 stitches and about 15 to 30 minutes of your time (depends on the size). Clare’s video on You Tube teaches this beauty at a very nice pace. By the second crown, I had the pattern down pat and didn’t need to watch.

These would make excellent newborn and toddler photo props.  I can’t wait to see Jenny & Mike’s little prince and princess in a photo with these!

Little Brother and Big Sister crowns

Aunt Nana’s Crochet: Sock Monkey Girl Beanie for my niece’s Big Sister kit


If baby brother gets a monkey hat…so does BIG SISTER…

I’m pretty sure this beanie will fit! Last week I crocheted a beanie WAY too small. I’m sure to get big smiles from my sweet niece in this cute crocheted beanie.

I found this free You Tube Video tutorial for a Girl Sock Monkey Beanie by Sabrina at Havoc Mayhem Creations.  The pink and white flowers on top is from a separate video tutorial by Yolanda Soto Lopez.


Aunt Nana’s Crochet: Sock Monkey Girl Beanie

Most people know that I am a beginning crocheter, and my best work comes from watching videos rather than following a pattern. Yesterday,  I tried out this free You Tube Video tutorial for a Girl Sock Monkey Beanie by Sabrina at Havoc Mayhem Creations. So stinking cute! There are four videos.

Unlike the tutorial, I fashioned my own eyes instead of sewing on real buttons. I would rather not put buttons on a wearable for a little one. The last thing I would want is for a young one to choke from wearing my creation. I crocheted the eyes instead by making a smaller version of the ears and dabbing the middle with a criss cross of brown yarn.

This pattern also calls for a flower on the monkey’s head. I have yet to crotchet a pretty flower (mighty frustrating). I’ll keep working on it. This really did not take that long to make.

Also, I made this beanie way too small for my niece Alexa, but this doesn’t mean I can’t try again!


Aunt Nana’s Crochet: Finishing up Blanket for Big Sister Kit for my niece

scalloped granny squares

This morning I joined all the granny squares using a single crochet stitch. I also made a border using a single crochet stitch. As a finishing touch, I am working on a scalloped edge.


Once the blanket is complete, I am going to package this beauty into a BIG sister kit for my niece.  In learning to sew,  I am practicing by making burp cloths and bibs. I might make some doll sized diapers, burp cloths and bibs for her to play with…and she can be just like Mommy.

My niece is still a toddler. Her kit will not be crayons and coloring books. I am still thinking of creative ideas on what to put into her gift. This auntie wants her niece to feel just a special on the day her little brother is born.

Aunt Nana’s Crochet: Big Sister Kit for my niece

Big Sister 2014

My niece Alexa will have a new baby brother in January, and I have been brainstorming for a cool BIG sister gift for her. Lucky for me, Pinterest helped me come up with an idea.

Having crocheted both my niece and nephew a baby blanket, I decided to design her a new one. This time, I am making 48 mini granny squares in Sugar Pop pattern in multi-colored yarns. It’s playful and pretty (plus, I can sneak in some pink).

bigsisterkitstartIt is a big adjustment becoming a new big sister (I was one once!). A Big Sister kit will hopefully make her day as she welcomes her new baby brother.

Now, I have some granny squares to finish!

Summer Reading from the Dallas Public Library

I love libraries! When it is too hot to be outside, nothing is better than a good book, a ball of yarn, a crochet hook and an ice cold drink.  All my requested items from the Dallas Public Library came in all at once. Now, I have lots of ideas on what to crochet or sew for my nieces and nephews! This way I’m still Aunt Nana in Texas. 🙂summerreading