Gluten-free me in 2014


My last day of 2013 involved a thorough visit to the doctor with my husband. Battling homesickness, hypothyroidism and weight gain (even though I’m active), I may have an allergy to gluten.

Instead of having a resolution to lose weight in 2014, I resolve to completely change my diet.

2013 was such a roller coaster for me. Losing my dad in January 2013 was a very sad time. I can’t believe it has been a year since he has passed, and I miss him very much.

I married my best friend in June and moved to Dallas, Texas. He was offered a job we could not pass up. It is the first time I have lived outside of Indiana, but not his. We had several major life changes in the span of six months. Then, I was unemployed and homesick.

It was a major blessing for Daniel and I when I got a job. Not just a job…I was offered my dream job using my background in social work and my education in journalism. Prayer answered!

Being away from my nephews has been very hard for me. I’ve compensated with a few cookies and movie marathons trying to fill the void. I’m not trying to take the cowards way out of blaming or excusing my behavior for putting on weight, but I had one heck of a year! The holidays are over, and I survived it without hugs and kisses from Barry and Sean.

I am ready for 2014. I am ready to move more, eat less junk food, inspire others again, and to love each day as the gift it is from God.


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