Menu Planning + Ideas for saving money

We had some unexpected bills happen this week (car repairs we did not budget). I am genuinely frugal when it comes to grocery shopping.  However, with the car drama, I need to be extra strategic in menu planning.

This is not a “happy housewife” blog post. I am far from the Betty Crocker wannabe that some women in the 50’s dreamed up.   There is nothing wrong with being a housewife…and this situation is only temporary.

I fill my days with trying to figure out ways to make our lives run smoother while waiting on my opportunity. In order to make our income last longer, I have implemented some money saving strategies:

  • I clip coupons
  • I shop the sale ads
  • I freeze leftovers so we can use them in his lunch box
  • I make a plan for the week’s meals

Having a plan is the biggest part of the strategy.  Its just not economical to eat what you are hungry for at the moment. It is much more effective to make a meal that can turn into a next day lunch or pop into the freezer for the next week. Four months into this marriage and unemployment…I have figured this out. Not having a plan is too expensive and not healthy on the waistline.

What you are your ideas to keep lunch and dinner ideas fresh and cost effective?


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