35th Birthday: 35 Goals for 35


On Sunday, I will turn *gasp* 35. I decided to make a list of attainable goals to meet this year. This list has nothing to do with losing weight, meeting professional goals or crossing off some of my bucket list wishes.

We should all strive to find a little joy and peace in our lives. I’m a list maker (this is how I stay on track). Maybe my list of 35 will add to my happiness this year:

  1. Take my nephews on a Texas sized adventure.
  2. Have a date night at Medieval Times with my husband. Enjoy a joust or two.
  3. Read a book for fun. Review it.
  4. Learn to knit (and make a prayer shawl to donate).
  5. See a professional baseball game in a new stadium (even if it isn’t to see the St. Louis Cardinals.)
  6. Send my mother flowers.
  7. Create a decorative camera strap for my Canon.
  8. Donate blood.
  9. Finish an entire journal.
  10. Clean out our closets and donate clothes that haven’t been worn in the last year.
  11. Spoil my rescue cat on her birthday. Love, love, love her.
  12. Complete a charity walk/run.
  13. Buy canned goods I would eat and then donate them to a food bank.
  14. Write my husband a love letter.
  15. Make a cake from scratch using my stand mixer.
  16. Learn to crochet a pattern like Hugs and Kisses to make a baby blanket like my grandmother.
  17. Host a lovely dinner party.
  18. Eat a cupcake by Candace Nelson at Sprinkles Cupcakes. Judge accordingly in the voice of Chef Florian Bellanger from Cupcake Wars.
  19. Go on a photo safari at the zoo.
  20. Take Gabi to a kitty spa. She deserves it 🙂
  21. Cook a complete Thanksgiving meal. (Fingers crossed we have guests from out-of-state).
  22. Randomly send my nephews money to go bowling throughout the year.
  23. Start a photo stream with my best friend of goofy pictures that will make her laugh.
  24. Have a picnic in the park.
  25. Learn to play darts.
  26. Allow myself to make mistakes.
  27. Advocate for adopting rescue animals instead of buying pets. Older pets need love, too!
  28. Organize all the pictures from our wedding.
  29. Cooper Christmas. Enough said.
  30. Start a new tradition on New Year’s Eve.
  31. Sew a really cool apron.
  32. Make sure my husband doesn’t forget important birthdays.
  33. Visit a vineyard.
  34. Spoil my niece and nephews as much as possible. Be the best Aunt Nana in the world.
  35. Love myself this year, no matter what!

Have an idea or a comment? Please share your ideas!


3 thoughts on “35th Birthday: 35 Goals for 35

    • I have a blog post I am working on about number 15!

      As for Christmas…We have to stay in Texas for Thanksgiving…we want to have a Cooper Christmas! I hope to see my mom and nephews before then, too. We knew Jenny wouldn’t make it because of her due date. I just hope to have a job by then. Looks like its not going to happen for my birthday.

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