Staying positive during post grad job search

It is no secret that I am unemployed. However, I continue my search with diligence and creativity.

With the launch my lifestyle blog, the redesign of Shawna Renee Photography, and new obsession with yarn and sewing machine crafts, my life is full of innovation. Being artistic is my coping skill. When the stress of waiting on the call for an interview or not hearing back from a potential employer strikes, my art reflects a resurgence of imagination.

Having moved to a new city, I spend a great deal of time alone. However, I am learning new talents and gift making skills to share with my loved ones in far away states. I will not call this time of unemployment wasted time. Making new friends comes with time, too. I have faith this will all work out.

Yes, I am a journalist by trade. Not all journalism is hard-hitting, front page news. This blog will hopefully keep my feature writing skills fresh as we explore life in Dallas, adventure through our first year of marriage, and build upon our new family. I love to celebrate family.

I refuse to give up.


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