Dallas Farmers Market (Discovery Date)


Mr. Cooper and I ventured out this morning to the Dallas Farmers Market before the afternoon temperature rise. Back in Indiana, we loved to visit our local farmers market.This Dallas discovery date has been the best to date. Hopefully, when autumn arrives we can visit more outside locations. Dallas is a wonderful place to live and explore.

We taste tested new fruits and veggies. My husband will eat cucumbers with vinegar and salt! I actually enjoy fresh mango. I look forward to many more visits to the Dallas Farmers Market (my mom will love it!)


We purchased a two bags full of produce that was very reasonably priced. Our favorite was the apriums, a hybrid fruit of apricot and plum. Delicious! I can only imagine what these beauties will taste like ice cold with glass of wine– yum.


seeds ppears

Ahhh…cilantro. My new foodie favorite that is transforming my cooking!


pineapplebox brussellsprouts beansandpoatoes peachesw

squashOur next Dallas Discovery date will take place next week at Sprinkles Cupcakes. We are celebrating my 35th birthday. As for the Farmers Market, I can’t wait for white pumpkins and gourds.


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